Avid Certifications


Real skills, proven

Avid Certification helps professionals attain and demonstrate the skills and credentials they need to increase their value, competency, and efficiency in the highly competitive media industry.

Recognized by top music, post-production, movie, television, and broadcast facilities worldwide, Avid Certification serves as validation of a person’s expertise as an Avid User, Administrator, Instructor, Developer, or Support Representative.

Avid Certification gives employers peace of mind, ensuring that they have the in-house skills and competencies to fully harness and manage their investment in Avid products and solutions

Each Avid Certification is backed by a range of training and skill development options that help individuals prepare for the Certification exam. From publicly scheduled and private classes to eLearning—both Virtual Instructor Led and Blended Learning—these flexible learning options enable individuals and teams to cost effectively broaden and validate their competencies however, wherever, and whenever is best for them.



Avid certification provides a number of tangible benefits to both certified individuals and the organizations they work for, either now or in the future.

For individuals Avid certification provides

  • Industry recognition of proven expertise in a given Avid product or role
  • The ability to advance your career with measurable value to employers
  • Entry in Avid's Certification Registry accessible via the Find a Certified Professional online listing, as well as a Certificate of Achievement
  • A certification logo to add to marketing materials, websites, business cards to differentiate yourself and your organization
  • Access to the ACSR technical community for peer to peer communication (ACSRs only)

For employers Avid certification provides

  • Ability to find the right person for the job, quickly assessing candidate skill level
  • Confidence in your teams ability’s and skills with Avid solutions
  • Capability to invest in and promote your most promising employees
  • Greater system performance, with little to no downtime