Terms and Conditions

We are Journeyman Music & Post, Inc, doing business as "protools.expert", an independent official Avid Learning Partner. We have contracted with Avid Technology, Inc. (“Avid”) to be an educational partner and teach courses as laid out, structured, and written by or for Avid. We are not an Avid Support Center or hotline, calls and eMails asking for tech support will be rejected/ignored. Please contact Avid directly at www.avid.com for these matters.

We guarantee: (1) access to the courseware as eBooks, (2) tuition on the dates and times chosen, (3) setting up access to the relevant Avid exam (as well as setting up additional exam attempts).

We CANNOT guarantee: (1) you will pass the exam or (2) that the Avid exam system is available at any given time, due to maintenance, scheduled or unscheduled, as well as connectivity issues, which are beyond our control.

The courseware is exclusively available as eBooks and is sold to us as software/final purchase. Please understand that any seat booked on our courses is a FINAL PURCHASE as well, as we will source books and block seats ahead of time.

Please make sure you understand the sequencing of the courses and any prerequisites the courses may have. If you have not previously passed the exam or passed a now deprecated version of the courseware and subsequent exam, we will not be able to refund you for any erroneously booked courses. Do note that Avid, who are responsible for the exam parameters and the exam system, accept the previous version of the courseware for passing a current version exam of a subsequent course (typically the courseware gets updated every 1.5-2 years). If in doubt, please contact us before booking your courses, in case your previously passed courses are a while back.   


COVID-19 Update:

While we are teaching via Zoom, please ensure that you have an adequate system consisting of adequate hardware, internet connection, and Pro Tools software (Ideally Pro Tools Standard for 100-level courses, Pro Tools Ultimate for 200- and 300-level courses), in order to perform the (optional) exercises and to follow along/study at home.

While we undertake all reasonable steps to ensure an uninterrupted learning experience (1 GBit symmetrical internet connection, Zoom Pro account, wired connections of all devices), certain elements of the technology are beyond our control. Errors and issues on our part (up to and including the service Zoom provides for us in receiving our data) will be “made right” by us on a case by case basis.
However, please note that you are responsible for the technology on your end, including your device, local network, internet connection, and connection to the Zoom service and receiving our data from Zoom. While we try to ensure everyone is having a pleasant and productive learning experience, please understand that persisting issues affecting an individual user will have to be addressed separately. Again, where possible and on a case-by-case basis we try to find a solution to “make it right”.
Do note that we explicitly warn against access via public WiFi networks. In cases where the class cannot be taught to an individual student because of these issues, we will not be able to accommodate this and cannot issue a refund based on these grounds.